Have you ever dreamed of a Time when local Technology Clubs could become one of the most relevant resources for Social Welfare and Sall Business Support in every Community across the Globe?

Technology Clubs have members with the knowledge and know-how to make the real change that many expected to see several decades ago.

Where is our Tesla Technology by the way?

Silicon Valley has become the new Tax Collector and Cognitive Controller for nearly every Community in our Land, whilst everyone looks elsewhere to take a stand.

Those Old Tech Titans have tricked everyone into thinking we need high powered, complex, pre-configured Software as a Service solutions when low profit, self managed, self-empowering, semi-automated systems are in fact most often in your Community's own Best Interest.

Your Community Members and Small Businesses need Holistic Business Solutions, not Silicon Valley Snake Oil and they need local support for their Software and Hardware needs . They need the option to Buy Tech Locally to keep Money local, and your groups are in a Prime Position to make that a reality.

ZAP Accounting Software offers your Club Members an opportunity to meet your Community Members where they are while encouraging a new level of Commercial literacy. That will enable your Community and our larger Global Society to shift into a far different space, focused on seeking out the other way to Explore Earth.


All this from some silly little Accounting Software you might ask?

Helping install and support ZAP Accounting Software is only the Beginning..

It's the Door Opener to the Gateway that your Small Businesses and Community Members need to regain control of software and hardware systems that have been hijacked by Corporate Giants and Venture Capitalist for their fading Greedy Dreams.

Can you imagine a more Financially and Technologically Literate Community?

Most believe they can when what the really need is to think much, much BIGGER!

What we are offering is a Win-Win-Win for Local Communities, Small Businesses and the Technology Clubs who can figure out how to keep Commerce Local and on their very own Land.

The Biggest Losers are Silicon Valley types who never had our collective best interest in mind, and the ever clever Bankers who sit silently behind them quietly rigging the Game for their Nerdy Little Friends.


Can you envision yourself in the Tip of a Technology Wave?

It's Large now. Very Large. Still growing. Growing much Larger still.

The image of a Towering Technology Tsunami filled with a new type of low cost computing experience, free education and a new Global Commercial Model stands to change everything we had confused about Technology, Community, Commerce, and Money too.

All we need now is your Club too!!

This situation of dis-empowerment didn't happen randomly...

Small, affordable, web based, data independent, customizable relational Database Systems were booming in the late 1990s. It was a Field of Dreams for all who played back then.

In the early 2000's a shift started to happen. Strange Media Reports started oddly steering younger technologists away from systems that were best to learn on and best to build in.

Systems that were PERFECT for independent back-end data systems and knowledge bases oddly got poo-poo'd as bad for e-commerce. That's kind of like saying you should give up meat because the moon affects our crops.

From that time forward, there has been a consistent and subtle push from the largest Technology Vendors, with Microsoft in the lead, to bury quietly more and more that which brought many of us pleasure and Thor.

Just like most are still clueless to the losses from the 1913 shake up, most do NOT realize what we had and what's being buried unless you were involved in some custom web development work in the late 1990s.

People were doing their own custom data management online perfectly fine with M/S Access Databases and DSN-less connections for Goodness Sake!! And "oh the places we can go! "

The absence hasn't been an accident.

Technology Giants fed Media Pirates who succeeded in getting everyone to throw out the baby with the bathwater .

Very liberating server side scripting technology was poo poo'd and people were illogically steered into far more confusing client side programming languages. Heck, at one point an overlay language called 'jquery' was forced on all as revolutionary was in fact just a confusion play by Microsoft rusing to joining in on the flow. Leave it to the Bill Gates Fan Club to do anything and everything they can to capture and hold on to Golden Calves who've always been destined to be the Platinum Bulls!

Next came Software as a Service solutions with structured data silos. Talk about giving the "Big Guys" a window into our lives in an unbelievably unhealthy manner. Who thought that was a good idea?

The Media Pirates have since shown their true colors in other areas more noticeable to the masses now, thank goodness, but these folks aren't new. They just stand out more now and "oh what a relief it is! " What they did in the early 2000's was shocking to those of us who were paying attention. Subtle. Very subtle. And still is today with dismay. Were you one of us then too?

A New Age is Dawning...

Our Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses and Individuals will drive a Global Computing Paradigm Shift towards a new type of "small-data driven" cloud computing paradigm where cloud based spreadsheets replace 80 to 90% of all Small Business Database needs. This will lead us to the Unix revolution that is long over due.

WE have "software solutions" all Small Businesses and all financially responsible individuals NEED and have NEEDED for the past two decades.

They can be used to give every income earning being over 8 a reason to start making the shift too!

And this isn't just about fun and games anymore.

and we made it By a Cat's Whisker!!

If you want your Small Office Wellness Professionals to survive with the ability to offer services that your community can afford, you NEED to get involved with them and their technology immediately. You need to show them a new, better and far lower cost way to compute.

Many of our Small Business Wellness Practitioners are getting killed by the Computing Giants one way or another, and those that aren't getting the hang of things are struggling to survive. Unless of course they lick self sealing envelopes, in which case you know the ride just got bumpy!

And then it gets worse!!

It's almost time...

Those that have gotten the hang of Tech with in office servers or virtual machines loaded with bloated security that profits solely due to "Microsoft oversights" now feel you owe them an arm or leg for a routine teeth cleaning or a Chiropractic Adjustment.

Dentists now feel a 10 minute review of your teeth after a cleaning justifies a $75 fee. Some Chiropractors feel a 10 minute adjustment is worth $65? Ask them about it and they'll tell you about all these technology problems and employment problems related to that bloat, as many drive away in their European Sportster to one of several homes or boats...

Few of them are currently operating in a Healthy Manner with the Balance needed to build community.

...to Puurrr !

With our FREE Educational Material and FREE Software Templates, Technology Clubs and their Members can become Healers to the Healers and Community Builders for your Tribe.

It really is that Big of a Deal.

This is the bridge to Unix Based, Lower Cost Computing and far greater Technology Privacy many have been preaching about and searching for for decades. This is the excuse to make all of that and more a reality.

Do you know what the implications of this really are?

Our Educational Websites and our Software Templates are not bound by Language.

They can be interpreted on the fly in hundreds of different languages. Our Functional Software Doubles as the best educational material money can buy, so it's a good thing our offerings are all FREE or nobody could ever afford them!

Our "software" is browser based, so it can be run from any Windows, Mac or Unix O/S driven machine AND it even works with the latest in Raspberry Pi's. It's a bit slow on those, but a viable option for learning if that's all a budget allows.

It's time to Educate the World.

What we have to offer is so unique, it will take a little time for all to embrace a new reality.

No Catches. No Tricks. Heck. No user account required for access to any of the Education or Software.

It's World Class Education and Open Source Bookkeeping Software and it's all FREE, and it's a Gateway to something very new and different.

Your Community needs your support. We are mere publishers of content and nothing more.

We work for tips. Please remember to tip well and tip often.

And Spread the Word.